Slow Shutter Cam Recenzje App

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Aplikacja pozwala rozszezyc możliwości naszego aparatu. Ja dzięki niej robię zdjęcia w podczerwieni kiedy tylko chce. Jak dla mnie wymarzona app.


Po co skomplikowanych krokow w cyfrowkach jesli w tym w sekunde sie nauczysz? Po prostu bomba jak dla mnie!


Całkiem zacny program. Trail efekt zdumiewający :)

Świeny program!

Zwłaszca opcja light tracking.

Fajna aplikacja

Wprawdzie nie zdążyłam jeszcze dłużej się nią pobawić, ale jak do tej pory było interesująco.


Mocno średnie efekty w połączeniu z nieciekawym ui. Nie polecam.

Mega ściema

Faktycznie zdjęcia są mniej zaszumione, ale wcale nie są dłużej naswieane tylko programowo pdszumiane, co powoduje, ze są strasznie rozmyte. Lepiej je sobie odszumię w Lightroomie. Testowałem wiele razy na statywie i nie jest to kwestia poruszenia aparatu. Mimo naswietlania 4s. ISO na aparacie nie zmniejsza sie, co jest dowodem ściemy. Inaczej byłoby całkowicie prześwietlone, bo nominalnie aparat dobrał czas 1/17 przy ISO 500. Przy zmianie na 4s. nadal było ISO 500!

szkoda pieniedzy

ta aplikacja to oszustwo! program wykonuje kilka zdjec po czym naklada je na siebie nie ma to nic wspolnego z kontrola nad migawka. :-( szkoda pieniedzy i miejsca w telefonie.

Robi swoje.


works great

Has features that you can’t get anywhere else

Awesome app for the iPhoneX

It’s one of the best for you camera phone. I really using it to capture moving cars as it create a nice light trails. Very easy to use app with almost 0 clearing curve.

Slow shutter cam

This app mimics the slow shutter waterfall effect very nicely. I’m pleased!

Low light

One the few apps that provides low light capability with less recent iPhones

Learn the Settings and Experiment

I “wing it” with most my apps, but I never had any luck with this one until I started to pay attention to the lighting situation and what my adjustments were doing. Once you understand the options and settings you can get the shot you had in your head. Some sort of tripod and remote shutter can help, but aren’t necessary.

One of my go to iphonography apps

Take a little time to learn how to use it. You can create some great effects.

Great app

I don’t really take videos so this is fine for me. It serves my purpose. It’s a great app, very simple and easy to work with. Developer response immediately when help is needed. Highly recommended.


Como cambio el idioma?

Wow. Never thought this would be a reality

Much needed camera app

Best long exposure app!

I use this at night for long exposure and light trails. Also great for motion blurs day or night. Recently shot some interesting long exposures of a wind farm experimenting with shutter speed and ISO. Fantastic results! Love the control of camera options.

Good app

Very good app just learning how to use it . I enjoy astrophotography and use it for that , open sky shots though I’m getting an adapter for my 8” Schmidt Cassegrain. Would love it if this app could have a hands free bulb type setting that could be activated remotely ( voice maybe?) Thanks

Best Camera App Ever

The best.

This took great phone pictures in Asia!

Love this app. A few summers ago, I could either afford a fancy digital camera or a plane ticket to Taiwan from a neighboring country where I was working. I picked the latter, and armed myself with my iPhone 6 and this app. I got such amazing pictures! Love the slow shutter for water blur effects with a tripod, and how the night camera lights up my images. It remains one of my favorite trips, and this app helped me capture some of my favorite pictures.

Good app

I’m new to it, but within 5 minutes I photographed a star field with mag 4 stars prominently captured.

Super fun and easy to get into.

Just wanted to express the insane amount of fun I have had playing with this app. This app is so expressive and easy to use. Wish there was a way to post some of my pictures I have created. Thanks to the creators!

Hidden powers

This has a LOT of hidden info and powers I did not appreciate at first. Be sure to read the Instructions, lower left bitton screen!

Made a noisy camera useful

My iPad takes pictures that are too speckled with noise because its camera is a bit defective. With the motion blur feature of this app, the noise is reduced by about 95%. I can actually take still pictures now!

The best camera app on appstore

Out of all camera apps I've tried in iPhone, this might be the best app that gives the most controls to the users. You can even shoot I'm bulb mode. I'm not sure if this actually controls the shutter speeds or it is just another illusion effect that it uses but the night pictures look great using this app. Totally worth the money. Five out of five.

Works exactly as advertised

This is a very good app and works exactly as advertised. Get creative and have fun.

Turns the iPhone into a DSLR

This app is amazing! I don’t know how it works, but it does something magical and let’s you take photos with very long exposures, just as you can with a DSLR. The iPhone has always been known to have a good camera, but its lens is just too big and too fast (f-stop-wise) to take long exposures of things like waterfalls during the day. Depending on the situation, anything more than around 1/30 of a second would cause the photo to be over exposed. Well, this app changes that and lets you take photos with crazy shutter speeds, 8, 15 & 30 seconds...even longer. It also features a “bulb” mode, which let’s the user keep the shutter open as long as they want, which is perfect for capturing fireworks and things like that. I’ve been lugging around heavy camera gear for many years but recently made the decision to simplify my life and just use my iPhone to take photos. That worked for everything except long exposures for subjects like waterfalls, traffic lights and dark scenes. I’m so thankful I heard about this app because with it, I have finally reached my goal and think I can fully replace my DSLR system with my iPhone. I took some photos today with the app, and everyone I showed thought they were taken with a DSLR and shocked to find out they were from an iPhone. If I hadn’t told them, they would have thought the photos were from a $5000 camera system. I contacted the developer today with a question and received a reply within 15 minutes. What?! That never happens. Most developers never write back. I know this review is long, and I probably rambled too long, but I want people to feel my excitement and understand how much this app can change your photography.

Working again!

Working smoothly right now!


Lets me take long exposure shots. My 400 dollar digital camera doesn't' let me do that.

It does pretty good

I couldn't find another app that help take nighttime pictures. But you have to realize that the iPhone camera or really any mobile device camera is not optimal for capturing super long exposure starlight pictures.

Great App

Great functionality

Never Better

Not only is the APP just what it says it is, but the response times to my email query was nearly immediate. If every APP developer acted in this manner there’d be a lot more 5 star ratings. Best App for this purpose in my humble opinion.


If you are reading this trust me you should download this app, I have been trying another ones but when I found this one, I fall in love and it’s the only one I use now for his kind of functions, you guys should give it a chance

Best in class

No other slow shutter cam comes close. Responsive developer too.

Love Blur speed

I just love to take photos with slow shutter camera lol

Good for astrophotography on the cheap.

I use this app for astrophotography, since I don’t have the money for a real astrophotography camera yet.

Intuitive and effective

This app only takes a few minutes to get comfortable and use to take great long exposure-style photos!

Very useful and easy!

Had this app awhile now and it’s one of my go-to’s when I need it.


I used this app on 4th of July and it was amazing!


I feel like this was so confusing. I just wanted to delete the app. If there were any way to put instructions somewhere on the app that would be great! But for now, I’m going to stick with the regular camera app.

Absolutely Worthless

This app is a piece of junk. It will not stay in focus, the lag is ridiculous, and there is no way to stabilize a shot. Total trash. Not worth the download even if it were free! I wish I had my money back.


I use it all the time on my hikes to take pics of waterfalls. Make sure you have a tripod or just a place to set your phone. There can be NO movement with your phone otherwise it will be blurry.


Perfect tool to utilize all aspects of the camera

Nice Little App

This is a nice little app for some great special effects. The app has grown significantly since it was first introduced to the great quality it is today. With a good tripod I can enjoy taking some cool high quality photos.

Excellent control

Excellent set of options from this well-supported app. I’m running an iPhone 6S and can easily get lightning-bug light trails, low-light pet pictures, etc with a minimum of fuss. Looking forward to continued updates and features.


Great app got a lot of great pics from this app!!

Really works

I left the review below 7 years ago and haven't changed my mind! Only app I use for this type of photos. This app works as advertised. Love it's simplicity. I agree with the reviews that comment on the bad reviews, this app is NOT going to be like a DSLR camera due to the iPhone limitations. If you want a DSLR camera, buy one! Meanwhile, this works fantastic, and I am using a 3G!

Truly impressive

I truly love this app. video feature please.

Kinda sorta works

While this app will give you a slow shutter at the push of a button, I got much better results with one of my fully manual camera apps. Shooting full manual will give you control of not only the shutter, but all the other settings so you can really nail the short you’re after. This app is literally a point-and-shoot slow shutter which probably won’t give you the results you’re hoping for unless you get lucky with lighting. In case you’re new to long exposures, you should definitely be using a tripod. Hopefully this tidbit of information helps someone.


This app does not create long exposures. It seems to instead take multiple shots and blend them into each other to create a blur effect. Don't get me wrong... It's a nice effect. But it is NOT a long exposure. If I had known this I would not have bought it. It is falsely advertised as being able to take long exposures. Don't buy it if that's what you're looking for.

Love it!

Super easy app to take long exposures.

not all motion is created equal

results are not close to how the app is being advertised. also the developer needs to read up on Apple’s API on sound. this app kills the sound and you have REBOOT your phone to get the sound back. Killer virus.

Does it all

Powerful app, so many different settings. I took some awesome pics while in the complete blackness of a cave. I really look forward to getting to know the app and its functions throughly. Lots of opportunity for creativity.

Needs to be able to capture video

I love the app and ive made some beautiful pictures with it but I think it really needs a video option.

Amazing for how it works.

Simple interface. Can get decent motion blur from waterfalls, creeks, etc. in broad daylight without nd filters. Surprising dslr-like long exposures without all the gear. Just be sure to set the timer delay for at least 3 seconds to allow for camera shake to settle.

Over rated

In intervelometer, I couldn’t take photos in shorter than 1 whole second intervel. That means I when I sitch the photos or make fast time lapse there will be gap. Intervelo meter has one whole second increments. I initially rated 2 stars but removed one after irresponsible answer from developer and trying to teach photography to me.

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